Augmented reality

Haunt enhancement



Turn your phone into a paranormal detection device! Use your cellphone in special Eyebot-Ready haunted houses to find ghosts, zombies, and other terrifying creatures. Not at a haunted house?  No problem! Click here to view and print our catalog of symbols for home use.


Find monsters

Use the Eyebot app to track down and locate ghosts. Once you do, you can use the app to photograph the creatures with your friends and post to social media.

Get The Symbols

Download Eyebot-Ready icons for use around your home haunt. Each symbol is tied to its own creature, character, or effect. You can get the symbols here.

The Newest Creatures

  • Parallax
    A mummy who
    is not happy to
    see you
  • Parallax
    A roaring gator
    complete with
  • Parallax
    A skeletal bride
    wanting to drag you
    into the grave
  • Parallax
    A zombie and his
    chainsaw make for
    a happy combination
  • Parallax
    A frightened, screaming
  • Parallax
    Spinning vortex
    of doom reaching
    for you
  • Parallax
    A sinister zombie
    baby who cries out
    for flesh
  • Parallax
    A mutant monster
    drenched in
    toxic waste